Monday, February 25, 2013

Lottie's 2nd Birthday Party - Farm Animal Theme

This year I decided on a farm animal theme birthday party for Lottie.  We visited a few petting zoos this past year and she showed such interest and love for the animals that it seemed the most fitting theme would be animal related.  Since she's been old enough to really start getting into books and talking, we've read a lot about animals and the noises they make.  She can just about tell you what every animal known to man is and the noise it makes.  The cutest noises probably come from her doing pig, cow, horse, owl, lion, shark and cat (sounds possessed)!  :) 

I started gathering ideas from various party blogs and Pinterest and from there just started printing (free) animals online, etc.  I purchased card stock (on sale - $1.75 for a pack of 25) from Michaels and just started printing, cutting, gluing, pasting and stringing everything together.  It ended up taking quite a bit of time to do because well I work full time and have a two year old to look after.  But in the end, I really quite enjoyed it.  Most of it was done during down time on Sunday afternoons.  Best of all Lottie was such a good little helper.  She loved to help me punch holes, gather supplies, hand me things when needed.  She was a lot of fun and it made for spending lots of quality time crafting, creating and just having some great mommy/daughter bonding. 

Please excuse the extravagant amount of photos I took!  One of these days, I'll learn to make cute collages, etc. with all the photos so that it doesn't appear as though there are that many photos. 

Cake Pops - Steve bought me one of these little cake pop makers for Christmas (don't even ask!) and it worked like a charm!  Thanks to my sister and Kellan for making these!  They went straight to the hips!  Dreading my next weigh in! 

Animal banners

Hanging balloons

Pinterest idea - spoon an apple pie into individual cupcake wrappers - makes for the perfect bite size piece of pie!

Adult party favors - I bought pre-made popcorn at the dollar store - no lie, it was movie theater delicious!!  AND CHEAP! 

My little animal centerpieces turned out precious!  The ribbon came from Michaels and the mini hay bale from Hobby Lobby

Welcome sign

Shredded pork
BBQ beans
Pasta Salad


Snacks / desserts galore!

Another Pinterest idea - Duck Pond (lemonade) -

And good ole $2 buck for the adults!

Kid's craft / food table

I found really cheap, cute crafts from Oriental Trading along with temporary farm animal tattoos

Birthday banner

Kid's party favors

Lottie's birthday cake ($17 at Harris Teeter) - I took them a picture of a cake I found online and asked them to replicate.  How cute is that little piggy???  I was impressed!

Kiddos crafting it up!

Lauren & Addison

Lottie loves arts and crafts so I knew this would be perfect for her!

Cheesing / Showing me her little piggy she made

Morgan & Ginger

Like Christmas all over again..........  Presents galore - way too much!

My house has been overrun by MINNIE!!!!!!!!!

She wants her new shoes on asap!

Pin the sticker (chicken) on the missing chicken (Party City game - $2)

Lottie was tripping me out with the blindfold!

Wrong way Lottie!  :)

Almost quitting time! 

Aunt Amy & Lottie

Party is over!!!!!!!!  I can not believe all the snow we got that afternoon. 

One of her new fav things to play with!!!!!

Jacked up on party junk food!  Just before crashing!  Playing with Uncle Anthony

She literally sat on the couch and passed out - I'd say it was a great day!


Thanks to all our friends for coming.  Our little one is so blessed to be loved by so many!  She had such a great time! 

But don't think this will be the last you've seen of the animal themed party..............  Mini Coop #2 will be having a similiar farm animal themed 2nd birthday party as well!  :) 

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  1. Tonya, this theme turned out awesome! I love how creative you were with the names of the food and drink :) Lottie's lucky to have such a great mommy and daddy to throw her a fun 2nd bday! xo