Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stella - 2 Years

Weight: 32 lbs
**Steve took her to her 2 year well visit and failed to get her exact height/weight information for the blog.  He did say that she is definitely in the 98/99 % for weight and average in the height department.

Clothes: 24 months to 3T.  It's all about the fit.  Her chunky thighs can totally fit into 3T pants but the length is long.  Her tops are mostly 24 months/ 2T, but not going to lie, she could totally fit into 3T tops as well!

Shoes: Size 7

Diapers: Size 5

Eating: This child used to be quite the eater.  Don't get me wrong, she still is, but she is starting to become more picky and fickle about what she will eat from one day to the next.  One day she loves peas and the next day she is throwing them and screaming, "YUCKY".

Favorite foods: turkey dogs, pasta, peas (most days), cucumbers, pickles, grapes, strawberries, oatmeal, cheese, pretzels, corn, pineapple, green beans (most days), bananas, yogurt, MILK, water, JUICE, zucchini, goldfish, chicken nuggets, KETCHUP, sweet potatoes, brussels (only off mommy's plate), chips & queso, couscous, tilapia

Funnily enough both girls eat really well at day care every day.  They always clean their plates from what I'm told.  For instance, Lottie told me yesterday that she ate pork chop, rice, green beans, etc. for lunch.  It blew my mind!  As far as I know, she hates rice, pasta (unless it is mac and cheese), potatoes.  Lottie refuses to eat carbs unless it is bread or pizza.

Stella loves drinks!  If you leave a water bottle laying around the house, she will drink it.  She easily unscrews the lid and goes to town.  She loves milk and "special" water.  Instead of giving them juice, I buy flavored water.  They call it "special water".  It comes in these convenient kid-friendly small water bottles.  Unlike juice, it creates very little mess and it doesn't have any sugar!  A win win if you ask me.  The downside is her diaper becomes very full, very fast!  Stella never takes her time when drinking a drink.  She chugs it!

Sleep: Stella has and hopefully always will be my little rock star when it comes to sleeping at night.  In her two years of life so far, I can probably count on one hand the number of times she hasn't slept in her own bed at night.  Unlike the first time around with Lottie, we really dug our feet in and made sure we sleep trained Stella properly.  Stella brushes her teeth at night then immediately runs in her room with her arms raised ready to be picked up and put in her bed.  She begs for a pacifier and gets super excited (jumps up and down) when I get her one.  May 11th!!!!  It is officially the day we are taking the pacifier away!  Ugghhhh - pray for us this week!

Now, I know I've said how great Stella is at night.  She still hates to nap on the weekends.  Usually what I do is let her lay with me on the couch for a few minutes until she falls asleep, then I move her either on the other side of the couch or in her bed.  She sleeps great at daycare every day.  She normally has a 1.5 to 2 hour nap every day.  

Crying: I just had to throw this update in here.  I will never let Stella live down how much she cried the first 15 months of her life!  It literally was all day every day.  But boy have things changed, she is such a delightful, happy child.  There were times where I didn't think we would ever get to that point, but we did and the last 9 months have been nothing short of laughs, fun, cuddles, kisses, just pure joy!

Milestones: This kid is a little braniac!  She loves to read!  I quite often quiz her on colors, numbers, objects, etc. and she pretty much kills it every time.  She can count to 15 on a good day (after 11, it gets a little dodgy).  She can also count to 10 in Spanish if she is laser focused.  She speaks very clear and her vocabulary blows my mind.  Her teachers tell me all the time what a joy it is to have her in their class because she is the only child they can carry a full blown conversation with.  She speaks like a 3 year old.  I think there is something to be said about the second child.  They really do almost everything faster than the first.

Stella is super sweet and very polite.  She always says please and thank you and anytime she burps or toots, she says, "Excuse me" and laughs!

Stella is starting to become Miss Independent like her sister.  She has started telling me when getting dressed, "I pick it".  Ugghhhhh - I swear between the two of them dressing themselves, it looks like they are homeless every day.  But hey, pick your battles right???

Stella is a major mama's girl.  She gets very jealous when she sees Lottie and I having a cuddle or sitting with one another.  She immediately runs to me and shouts to Lottie, "My mommy!!!!"  I feel bad for Lottie at times because any time we go to lunch or dinner, Lottie never gets to sit beside me.  Stella is very territorial when it comes to her mama!  And oh my goodness, when Carter is in town and he and I have a cuddle, she really gets jealous then!

Sibling Love: WOW, Stella loves her sister - obsessed would be an understatement.  They play chase, hide and go seek, share snacks and cups of milk.  Stella constantly tries to jump on Lottie and wrestle her and anything Lottie does Stella thinks she can do as well.  I have to remind Lottie all the time that she can't jump off the couch and pounce on a pillow b/c everything she does, Stella does to.
Sisters - the fighting has already started.  I swear, I must say, "Leave Her Alone" a hundred times a day!  One minute Stella is biting Lottie and another minute Lottie is pushing Stella down.  And the tattle telling has really begun.  Most days, I don't know who to believe.  Lets just say the thinking chair is in constant rotation between the two of them!  I really might need to get Steve to make another chair!

Likes: Snacking, drinking, swinging, brushing her teeth, watching Peppa Pig, sliding down backwards on the slide, reading, drawing, rough housing with her sister.

Dislikes: Being told NO, brushing her hair, putting on socks and shoes, napping

Happy 2 years to my sweet and sassy Stella!  I could never put into words how much I love you!  I am absolutely soaking in every minute of the age you are now!  It seems like just yesterday your sister was getting ready to be your big sister!

**I tried to get a few photos of Stella outside after school, but she wasn't having it.  She wanted to take her Peppa Pig balloon from her party outside but within 5 seconds, it was gone! :)

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