Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stella & Her Ears!

Yesterday morning around 10:00 a.m. I received that dreaded phone call from day care.  It was the director advising me that Stella's eye was draining and gooing some icky stuff.  With that said, they said someone had to pick her up and take her to the doctor to confirm whether or not she had pink eye.  

About three weeks ago, Stella's right ear was draining some brown / whitish liquid.  It definitely took me by surprise because since she had her tubes put in, we have had no further ear issues.  Turns out, she had an ear infection.  With the help of antibiotics and ear drops, I thought the infection cleared.

Yesterday, her doctor said the right ear was still infected, thus causing the eyes to drain.  I asked the doctor if her tubes were still in both ears.  She stated the left ear tube had fallen out and the right ear tube was about 90% out.  Ugghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was hoping the shelf life on the tubes were going to buy us at least 2 years or so with no ear problems.  Instead they only lasted a little over a year.

The doctor also stated that Stella was wheezing a bit so we might want to start Albuterol breathing treatments at least once a day.  Awesome!!!

In any event, thankfully Stella's mood hasn't changed much throughout the last three weeks.  She has seemed overall very happy and content.

Since I was unexpectedly off work yesterday and construction is under way at my house, I had to find something for Stella and I to do away from the house.  We ended up going to Ruby Tuesday (hello, salad bar) for lunch and took a nice 3.5 mile run / walk through the Greenway.  While loading Stella into my jogging stroller, she spotted her Minnie helmet in the back of my car.  She insisted upon wearing it on our run / walk.  She looked comical to say the least, but she was HAPPY!

Yes, my dad put me in a Christmas shirt this morning!!  Ha, of all days for me to have to pick her up and take her out in public, she is dressed like Christmas!  :)

Hilarious!!  I got a lot of stares!  People were probably wondering why on earth I would put a helmet on a child when we were just strolling!  

Every time, I would slow down to walk, Stella would scream at me to, "GO!"  I think I ended up running about 2 miles total.  Today I am SORE!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I can barely walk!  And my knees HURT!  I am never this sore after leaving 9Round!  I am getting old!  

Towards the end of our stroll, we stopped and talked to the duckies!  Stella is so sweet!  She was blowing them kisses and telling them, "Bye, See You Soon!"

I pray that Stella's little ear heals and is rid of infection over the next week!  I feel so bad for her.  Thankfully, she has been pretty upbeat and happy for the most part!  :)

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