Friday, February 6, 2015

Charlotte from Charlotte / Conversations with Lottie

Lately, a pretty frequent conversation between Lottie and myself has been about her name, where she's from, where she lives, etc. 

While Charlotte is commonly referred to as Lottie by us, friends, family, etc.  She is only known as Charlotte at school and by her grandparents.  I like the fact that she goes by both.  Lottie is such a playful name while Charlotte is more of a beautiful, classic name. 

This past week, Lottie and I were listening to the governor's state of the state address.  I walked out of the room for a few minutes and when I walked back in, Lottie was glued to the television.  She then asked, "Mommy, why does this man keep talking about me?"  It stopped me dead in my tracks!  I busted out laughing and tried to explain that he was talking about Charlotte, the city in which she lives.  This turned into a lot of questions about not only Charlotte, but about the governor's take on schools, the economy, transportation, etc. 

While I found it almost impossible to answer her questions and explain that politicians tend to make lots of promises they rarely keep, I so enjoyed our little chat.  She literally had me rolling with some of her comments about schools, etc.  It is so funny how kids can say the simplest things and make so much more sense than adults who have years of education under their belts. 

Lottie is becoming such a little person.  It blows my mind!  She has a very bright future ahead of her. 

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