Friday, January 2, 2015

Grandma Patterson Turns 98

My grandma - the heart of the family turned 98 years old on November 28th!  She is my IDOL!  She is such an inspiration to not only our family, but the Fort Mill / Indian Land community.  What an incredibly strong woman she is.  After losing her husband and two children, she has remained strong in her faith and is admired by all.  A few weeks ago while visiting her with the kids, she showed me a book her niece put together tracing back my grandmother's family ancestry.  I was mesmerized by it.  I never knew my great grandmother or great grandfather from my dad's side of the family.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was reading stories and capturing a glimpse of my grandma's ancestry.

My grandma's parents - Nancy Elmina and John Calvin

I will never forget after learning I was pregnant with Lottie - my grandmother told me that I should name my daughter Elmina to which I quickly responded, "I'll think about it."  She asked me for weeks and weeks if I was going to name Lottie Elmina.  We laughed and laughed about it until one day I had to break it down and tell her NO!  :) 

Her family tree - I think the furthest my grandmother's niece was able to trace back was 1738.

My grandmother above (Sara O. Whiteside) born in 1916

Last but certainly not least - my grandpa Bill below was a notorious taxidermist.  He has stuffed more animals than you could ever imagine and for some pretty high profile people in SC.  He was the guy to go to.  He made all of his animals appear very life like.  His work was impeccable.  He and my grandmother were married for what seemed like forever.  Unfortunately, he passed away in the 1980s.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  

A few weeks ago we celebrated my grandma's birthday.  Lottie adores her.  I hope she will always remember her.  She calls her Grandma Patterson.  The way she says it is just adorable!  :)

My sister and I with my grandma

All the kiddos!

Happiest of Happiest Birthdays to you Maw-Maw!  

We love you! xoxo

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