Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014

I don't know who was more excited for Christmas, me or the kids!  I just love this time of year.  The build up to the big day is so much fun, especially now that we have kids.  Each year, it seems like it just gets more and more special watching their little faces light up with pure joy and excitement.  It really makes you think just how truly blessed we are to be able to provide a good Christmas for them.  The constant grind at work makes it all worth while! 

Christmas week started off great.  The kids were healthy and happy.  We took them to the Speedway to see the lights.  They loved it especially when they played "Let It Go" on a loop the entire way around.  Steve loved it as well - couldn't wait to tell his mates back in England that we got to drive around the track.  :) 

Making their list for Santa

Dropping their lists in Santa's mailbox

We also enjoyed making a gingerbread house and doing holiday crafts!

On Christmas Eve I started cooking and prepping food for Christmas.  While doing so, I started feeling a little "off".  My mind / body just did not feel in sync the way it normally does.  My sister, brother in law and nephew arrived around noon so we spent the afternoon playing with the kids, baking and wrapping those last minute gifts.  

That night we all headed to my brother in law's mother's house like we do each year.  She always serves a really nice spread of food / drinks.  All the kiddos were so cute opening their gifts.  Lottie got her coveted Frozen ice castle from Kiki along with a Frozen light up dress.  She was beyond excited!  Stella received some books and lots of Minnie Mouse toys.  She loves Minnie!

 We headed home around 8:00 p.m. so that we could get the kids in bed and get ready for Santa.  Lottie argued with Steve about leaving milk and cookies for Santa vs. whiskey and mince pies - "Dad, we are in America!"  Ha!  Better luck next year Steve!

 After the kids were all snuggled in bed, Santa arrived and left lots of goodies for two very good little girls!

Christmas morning..... per the norm, Lottie walked into our bedroom to announce she was awake to which I replied, did Santa come see us last night?  She ran into the living room and the roar of laughter and screams just melted my heart!  She ran into our room and proclaimed from the top of her lungs that Santa had certainly been to our house.  She immediately ran into Stella's room, flipped the light on and told her to "come look!"
In other news, mama felt worse..........  I was up all night coughing and hacking and hoping whatever I had going on was soon going to make it's way out! 
Christmas morning was a blast though.  The girls were happy!  My nephew celebrated his first Christmas and we ate my famous egg and sausage casserole and hash brown casserole.  Delish!

Stella cried, begged and pleaded to get in her new toy!!!  She loves this thing! 

Stella couldn't wait to get her new Minnie slippers on!!!

My little book worm - she LOVES reading!!!

Carter's new toy!  He loved it! 

The big kid asked for a ping pong table!  He spent the day putting his table together and kicking butt!

Lottie helped Carter or should I say opened all of his presents for him!!!

Every Christmas, we have friends over to celebrate.  We eat great apps, drink wine and play games.  It is one of my favorite if not favorite days of the year!  Unfortunately, as the day grew on, I felt worse and worse.  I tried so hard to hang with the group, but by 10:00 p.m., I literally thought I was going to fall out. 

My three babes!!!!  Looking at this picture almost makes me want "the boy"!  Thoughts???? 

 Maybe one of these days, we will all be looking at the camera at once and actually smiling......

This little guy is truly the best babe!!!  Always smiles, never cries and is seriously - so CHILL!!!
I am so in LOVE with him!

 Aunt Ashley and Carter

 Aunt Jeanette or what the girls call her Aunt Janet.....  She loves it!

Lottie and Stella were both pretty stoked about their helmets although looking at Stella's facial expression, you wouldn't think so! 
The day after Christmas, I followed up with the minute clinic and was diagnosed with the flu!  Ugghhhhhhh!!!!  I pretty much quarantined myself to my bedroom for the next couple of days to avoid getting my kids and Steve sick. Thankfully, they survived and no one got it.  I was so surprised.!  In any event, I am so incredibly grateful for Steve being SUPER dad during that time.  I am also thankful for my sister and Aunt Jeanette for looking after the kids as well!  So blessed!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! 


  1. I love this post and the pics are so cute!!! I still hate you were sick and I'm so glad everyone minus carter didn't get the flu! Love you! Amy

  2. Man you were a trooper with being sick!!! The girls looked like they had a wonderful xmas. Let's talk about that boy....I know how to make em :)