Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stella - 18 Months

Stella's Weight: 28 lbs (96%)

Stella's Height: 32" (58%)

Stella's Head Circumference: 49 cm (98%)

Shots: DTaP, Hep A, Flu


Lottie's Weight: 22 lbs, 12 oz (50%)

Lottie's Height: 31 inches (25%)

Lottie's Head Circumference: 46 cm

Shots: Flu, Pentacel

This comparison really cracked me up!  Stella is 6 lbs heavier than what Lottie was at the same age.


Tops: 24 months
Pants: 2T
Shoes: Size 5
Diapers: Size 5

She presently has 8 teeth.  But as of this past week, she has 4 more coming in on the top and bottom.


Peas, Lima beans, hot dogs, beef stew, peaches, pineapples, bananas, baked beans, grapes, grits, chicken, spaghetti, strawberries, blueberries, snack mix, oatmeal, milk, juice, water, oranges, apples, etc.  Honestly, there is not a whole lot this kid doesn't like eating.  She is a pretty good eater.  Although, I will say that it has slowed down quite a bit now that she is so mobile and running all over the place.


More (she signs and says it at the same time), NO!!!!!!!!!!!, Juice, Nice, Thank You, Please, Bath, Minnie Mouse, Fish, Duck, Shoes, Treat, Apple, Book, One, Two, Bunny, Boo Boo, Diaper, Amy, Mama, etc.  She can pretty much repeat anything you say to her.  My new favorite name she is saying is, "Lottie".  It is so cute!


"Bless You", "Thank You", "Not Nice", "Love You"


"Bah Bah Black Sheep", "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?", "Let it Go"


Dog, Cat, Tiger, Lion, Bear, Shark, Elephant, Giraffe, Cow, Pig, Sheep

But don't let Stella fool you!  In reality she HATES animals!  She especially hates my sister's two pugs.  She absolutely jumps out of her own skin any time she sees a dog, hears a dog, etc.  We re-visited the Redneck Zoo while visiting my sister about a month ago and poor Stella was terrorized the entire time and not by the big black bears or the lions and tigers............  No, by squirrels and peacocks!  The girl is quite the scaredy cat!  :)


Head, Hand, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Belly, Toes, Knees


WOW, these girls sure do love one another!  But (a big but!) they will not leave one another alone!  Actually maybe I should rephrase that.  Lottie will not leave Stella alone.  She is constantly tackling her, jumping on her, pushing her and knocking her over.  She does all of this very playfully but poor Stella is constantly getting beat down.  I must say at least 100 times a day, "Leave Stella ALONE!" and "Hands to Yourself!!!"  All day every day!  Stella probably really appreciates being in her own classroom at school with kids her own size and age because she finally gets a break from being harassed by her sister.  With that said, between the pushing and shoving, Lottie is constantly telling Stella how much she loves her and Stella is constantly chasing after Lottie ready to play tea parties, blocks and pretty much anything her sister is doing, she wants to be doing.  Yes, they drive me absolutely insane sometimes, but I honestly don't know what I would do without the chaos in my life.  It really is the best kind!


Stella loves reading books!  We have a lot of the first 100 words and pictures books that she loves to go through over and over again.  Pretty much anything we ask her to point at, she knows.  She is getting so smart.  I just love watching that brain of hers learn and grow.  It is truly fascinating.  She also loves art.  She does lots of art projects at school and loves to paint at home.  She also loves to go on long walks on the green way and of course loves to swing at the park.


Riding in shopping carts!!!!!!!!!!!  Bloody nightmare!

NAPPING!  Little monster is what I call her when it is time to take naps on the weekends.  She never wants to give in!  She is what I would call a model child when it comes to a bedtime routine and sleeping like a little angel at night.  BUT, for some reason - she hates laying down for a nap.  Although, at school, she is apparently a little angel for them and will usually nap anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.  She also hates when I brush her teeth!  My motto for both girls is that I will brush first, then you can brush all you want.  She hates that.  She wants to do all the brushing.  She usually throws a full blown tantrum anytime I put her toothbrush in her mouth.


I guess it is about that time to start introducing Stella to the potty.  I popped her up on the toilet the other day because she says, "Potty" all the time, but she didn't like it one bit!  She normally will pat her bottom and tell us she has pooped.  When asked if she needs to be changed, she nods yes.  We will get there and not something I am going to push too hard until we hit the 2 year mark.  I'll just keep putting her on the potty and hopefully she will start getting used to the idea.  I don't think I will be buying another mini potty like I did with Lottie.  Uggghhhhh - that thing was gross!  I was soooooooo happy to be rid of it!

On another note............ I never had any problems with Lottie playing with toilet paper or sticking her hands in the toilet.  Stella does it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have to make sure that we keep the toilet lids closed at all times in our house because you never know when Stella will disappear into the bathroom!  It is disgusting!  And poor Lottie - anytime she needs to go to the bathroom Stella is always right behind her.  Lottie never gets any privacy.  I really cracked up the other day when Lottie went to take a #2.  Poor thing was screaming for me in the other room to get Stella out of the bathroom so she could have a little privacy!  HA!


You've probably noticed that in quite a few photos, Stella never has anything in her wild, unkempt hair.  The girl has been on BOW strike since she was 10 months old or so.  I must have 100 different bows, hair ties, etc. at home that I am dying to put in her hair.  Every single time I put something in her hair, she pulls it out faster than I can get it in.  The exact same thing happened with Lottie and it is still a struggle getting something in Lottie's hair at times.  Currently, bribery is about the only thing that works with Stella!  She's not too bad with hairbands.  But ponytails, pigtails, etc. are OUT!


I can't remember who was worse?  I am going to say Stella!  The girl loves to throw them when we are out in public.  She hates riding in shopping carts and hates being restrained in her stroller unless we are on a walk.  She hates holding hands and loves running off.  UGGGHHHHHHHH - the screaming, the crying, the jerking back and forth and the stares from other people - it is truly a nightmare sometimes taking this one anywhere.  But I know it is just a phase.  We will get through it - just like we did with Lottie.


To wrap it up, Stella is developing into such a sweet little girl with more personality than I think Steve and I know what to do with.  She truly is the last piece of our family puzzle!  We love you so much Stella!  We can't wait to watch you grow these next few months!  xoxo

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