Friday, December 5, 2014

Murrells Inlet in November

About a month ago I had a few extra days off work so I decided to pack the family up and drive down to visit my sister.  With everything going on with getting our house on the market this past summer / fall, I realized that I had not been to visit her since July 4th.  Eeekkkkk - sorry Amy!

Typically we avoid the beach in the colder months.  We usually visit Amy in the warmer months and she usually visits us in the colder months.

One of the things we decided to do was re-visit the REDNECK ZOO.  OMG - that place is just as I remember.  Ridiculous!

Poor Stella - she is VERY skittish around animals.  She HATES them!  Obviously, I didn't realize just how much until we arrived at my sister's house and she saw her two little pugs.  Stella literally jumped out of her own skin.  She was terrified of two little pugs.  Unfortunately the dogs had to be put up the entire time we were there.  If she even heard them bark, she literally would jump up and run to me begging to be picked up.

With that said, I don't know why I thought it would be a great idea to go back to the REDNECK ZOO.  With every "BAA", "OINK", "RAWR", she would start screaming and trying to run away.  The best part was when we were looking at two HUGE black bears, she was totally calm.  Then, she hears and sees a little squirrel several feet away eating a nut and freaks out!  Steve and I couldn't help but laugh.  Oh the irony!

And because it's a REDNECK ZOO, they give you peanuts to feed the animals.  Well, who knew peacocks loved peanuts?  Poor Stella - she was harassed by a peacock the entire time we were there.  That peacock followed us around the entire zoo.  He never came too close, but it was certainly close enough for Stella.  She hated that peacock!  Every time she looked behind her, it was there.  Once again, Steve and I just laughed.  Lottie loves animals so much and always has.  I guess this confirms that we will not be getting a pet anytime soon!

This place is so ridiculous!!!!!!!!  I have never seen so many kiddy toys being used by animals!  This monkey had his own little playhouse!  :)

Stella running away from the peacock crying!  :)

This monkey hit the jackpot - he got his very own Jeep!

My sweet nephew!  I swear he never stops smiling!  He is such a great baby!  

We are not sure if this deer was part of the zoo or not, but my sister was almost able to hand feed it.  So cute!


The majority of the time spent at my sister's house was playing with the kids, doing art projects, cooking, playing dominoes and going on walks.  We even squeezed in an hour or so on the beach.  

Thanks Aunt Amy for letting us stay and play!  


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