Friday, December 5, 2014

Bootleg Santa............

Santa came to Waxhaw and let me tell you, he definitely was not from the North Pole!

Last Saturday my sister and I ventured into downtown Waxhaw to visit Santa.  I heard he was going to be hanging out at a quaint little arts and crafts store.  Being as my sister was still in town, I thought it would be fun to take all the kiddos to get photos taken with the big guy.

I should have known as soon as we walked in, that we were probably going to get what we paid for.  By now, you know what a Frugal McDougal I can be. So, when I heard these Santa photos were only going to be $5, I was all over it.  I couldn't have gotten there fast enough.

When will I learn?

Don't get me wrong, Santa was very nice, but seemed very shy and completely out of touch with what the heck it means to be Santa.  There was no "HO, HO, HO" and "Have You Been Naughty or Nice".  No, pretty sure I had to force Lottie onto his lap for a photo!  And Stella - ha, yeah right, she saw right through him.  She didn't want to go anywhere near him.  But let's be honest, Stella doesn't like very many people.  :)

Here's a look back at our encounter with the Waxhaw Santa...................  Obviously, we will be going elsewhere for our official Santa 2014 photo!

Santa - come on now, let's be jolly!

Hello Santa!  FOCUS!

Seriously - Santa, can you please smile? 

The last one is a classic!!!!!!!!  Santa looks like he is braiding Lottie's hair.  The only way Stella would get close to Santa is if I stood directly behind her!  Hot mess!   And why am I the only one smiling in this photo?  

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