Sunday, March 23, 2014


As Lottie is growing and moving up through different classrooms at daycare, the artwork/crafts OVERFLOWS.  Every week I check her folder at daycare, there must be at least 5 to 10 projects she has completed. 

As you know (well, if you have a child in school or daycare) Dr. Seuss week was a couple of weeks ago.  Lottie has several of his books and I must say every time I read them, they make me laugh.  We skyped with Steve's parents a couple of weeks ago and Lottie had me read Green Eggs and Ham to her.  Steve's mom was like WTH is that book - no wonder Charlotte is so awkward.  Steve and I were like, "AWKWARD?????"  Ha......

Here are just a couple of the latest crafts Stella and Lottie have done at daycare..............

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