Friday, March 21, 2014

2nd Annual Girl's Trip - Asheville

Gosh, I love these girls, we have been BFF for well - Jeanette since I was born (our parent's were friends and Ashley since I was 14).  They are honestly the best friends a girl could ask for.  We can go a few days, weeks, even a month or two without seeing one another and we automatically fall back into place.

Last year when I was preggo with Stella, we decided to take our first annual girl's trip to Asheville to spa it up before life became crazy once again.  It was great!  We visited the most ghetto "spa" in Asheville.  Oh my - the stories we have from that trip will be forever etched in our hearts and minds.  Let's just say that the "spa" was hit by a car driven by a lady who was entirely too old to have a license, the "spa" ladies made me have a leftover bath right after Jeanette (I swear they didn't clean it first), the pedicure was FREEZING because they ran too much water for our baths and after a really lovely dinner, some guy walked by and "crop dusted" us. 

So.................... after a great first trip, we decided that instead of exchanging Christmas presents this past year, we would take our $$$$$ and book another fun trip to Asheville. 

OMG - we had so much fun!!!  Between the off the beaten path vineyard, tarot card reading, tapas dinner, death metal bar and drag show, I would say our trip was once again a success!

Until next year......................................

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  1. HA! Crop dusting!! Cant wait until next year! Love you girls!!