Monday, April 29, 2013

38 Weeks - Mini Coop #2

Due Date: May 11, 2013

SURGERY DATE: MAY 6, 2013 - 1 week to go!!! 

Total Weight Gain (CRINGE): 25 lbs - the scale is whack!  Depending on what room they take me to is the scale they put me on.  When I go to one scale, I feel super HUGE.  When they put me on the other, I don't feel too bad about myself.  This past week they put me on the one that always has me losing lbs.  I know I have gained more than 25lbs and my doctor even laughed and said, "You are NOT losing weight!"  Next week, I am going to make sure to get on the other scale.  I feel like it is the more accurate one of the two! 

M- Group Power
S - 4 Mile Walk

Symptoms: INSOMNIA, bloody gums while brushing/flossing, getting up THREE times a night to potty and not being able to hold Lottie for more than a minute.  Other than those usual symptoms, more hip pain - mostly on the right side.  I usually wake up aching or in pain in the night.  I'm also still having leg and foot cramps through the night.  They've got me jumping out of bed to walk them out.  Last but not least, cramping!  Most days, it's fine, but sometimes at work, it is so bad, that I can't get up or walk.  Luckily, that only happens every so often. 

Thyroid: Levels are looking good! 

Maternity Clothes:  EVERYTHING!!!!! 

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!! Would you believe that we have gone back to not being 100% in tune regarding the middle name?????  Ha, I have a feeling, I am going to be sending Steve to the cafeteria while I submit the information for the birth certificate.  :)

Movement: Oh yeah, lots of hard punches and kicks!

Food Cravings: Soooooooo, UUMC had a fish fry that I just could not pass up!  I totally hit up the drive through for all things good - fried fish, French fries, hush puppies, slaw and a little sliver of cake.  Holy cow - talk about delicious!  I haven't been to a fish camp in forever so this totally hit the spot.  Oh and let's not forget the gallon of sweet tea I made this past week.  Truly OOC!!!

Food Aversions: ZERO!

Best Moment of the Week:  As always, hearing my sweet girl's heartbeat!  Also, Lottie and I spent a little girly time on Friday night while Steve went to one last happy hour w/ peeps from work.  Lottie and I ate our fish plates, rented a movie and cuddled on the couch where she proceded to brush my hair and give me lots of sweet kisses and hugs.  It was heavenly! 

What I Miss: Nothing!  This past week, I embraced being pregnant and couldn't think of anything I really missed! 

Differences Between 1st Pregnancy & 2nd Pregnancy: During my last pregnancy, my doctor started checking me to see if I had started dilating around 36 weeks.  Since it was a given that I was going to be having a scheduled c-section this time around, she hasn't checked me once to see if anything has happened.  History is definitely repeating itself!  I am basically the "baby carrier" - I guarantee that I could carry this baby until 42 / 43 weeks if allowed.  My cervix just will not open up / dilate!  

Fears/Dreading: Typical fears - Praying Mini Coop is a healthy baby and everything just goes well with no complications!  I am starting to get really nervous about going back into that operating room! 

Follow Up Appointments/Ultrasounds: Next f/u appt. with my doctor is tomorrow morning, the 30th!  Tomorrow will be my last appointment before we meet again in the O.R.!!!  Crazy!!!

Bump Photo: A glorious morning!!!

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