Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tweetsie Railroad

Steve has to work one Saturday every month.  I'm not a huge fan, but you have to do what you have to do right???  With that said, the following week he gets a day off during the week.  Three weeks ago, that day fell on a Thursday.  Steve sent me a text on that Tuesday afternoon asking if I wanted to get away for the day.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.

So that was it, we set off to Boone, NC on Wednesday after he got off work.  We made great timing.  What an easy drive.  It is seriously only 1 hour 40 minutes from our side of town.  Once we were 10 or 15 minutes outside of town, Lottie was really able to see what "mountains" look like.  She loved it, called them rocks, mountains, you name it.  She kept saying she wanted, "MORE MOUNTAINS!!" 

Once we got to our hotel, Steve showered, we fed Stella and attempted to grab a bite to eat.  But by the time we were able to get out of the hotel, it was getting late.  We tried a couple of places but I have to say that mid-week, Boone was definitely not the most happening place to be unless you were kid free.  Basically that left us with very few options.  Pizza it was.  No worries though, I was absolutely beat!!  We grabbed a couple of bottles of wine and pizza and called it a night.  It was the first night the four of us spent in a hotel room.  The girls did great.  Lottie had a little impromptu pillow fight with Steve and I shared lots of cuddles with Stella. 

The next day we woke up to drizzle!  BOO!  But, we decided to carry on and take a little trip on over to Tweetsie Railroad to see what it was all about.  I had not been since I was a kid, so I was super excited to see what it was like as an adult. 

Thank God the kiddos were free because it cost Steve and I $37 each to get in.  Once we got in, we immediately jumped on the train.  It was so cute.  It ended up being around a 30 to 40 minute ride with stops in between to see the cowboys and Indians fight.  Lottie was a little scared at first, but she soon came around.  She loved it.  And Stella.............  well Stella snoozed her way through it.

For the first hour and a half, it rained like crazy!!!  It almost got to the point that we thought about leaving.  It wasn't just drizzling at that point, but full on monsoon.  Uggghhhh......... But sure enough, it finally stopped and we enjoyed at least 5 good hours of fun!!! 

It was the perfect age for someone like Lottie.  They had kiddy rides along with rides for kids a little older.  I highly recommend you taking your kiddos! They will love it.  We will definitely be back next year, if not one more time this year. 

Here is a little look back from our trip to Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, NC.

All aboard the train!!

Mommy and Stella

A little scared, but soon turned it around and loved it!

Such a cool experience!

Cowboys and Indians / SOOOOOOO cheesy, the best sort of awful acting!!!

Dad's in "time out"

I heart this pic!

Since it was mid week and rainy, she got to ride however many times she wanted - she rode this 3 times straight!

Stella ate and slept her through it!

Lottie and I wanted to take a pot belly pig home!  But Dad forbid it!!!  :)

Who knew...... goats eat ice cream cones!

Lottie's first school bus ride - she sang the wheels on the bus go round and round song all the way to the bottom of the hill / mountain!

What a great trip!  If you have kiddos, take them!  It is a really easy day trip!!!

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