Sunday, July 14, 2013


An impromptu sleep over....................I have a feeling either Lottie is going to be kicking her sister out of her room or I am going to be finding the two of them every morning in the same bed some day. 

Can I just say how well Lottie has adjusted to her new bed?  It is her "place".  She begs to go to bed at night.  We lay a box of books beside her bed and she reads herself to sleep Sunday through Thursday.  On Friday and Saturday nights when she doesn't have to go to "school" the next day, she's allowed to watch a movie in bed.  So cute!!!  She's turned into such a great kid.  Just the best little girl!  We are really enjoying this age!  It is the best by far! 

She is soooooooooooooo independent, has to dress herself!  Note - her gown is inside out and backwards!

Smushing sissy and giving kisses!!

Stella - Make it stop Mommy!!!!!

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