Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 4th

Per the norm, we headed to South Myrtle Beach to visit my sister for the holiday weekend / week.  In true fashion, we beached it up every day.  Steve had to work through the 3rd, so I loaded Stella and myself up and we headed to the beach on the 1st.  It rained all the way down there, but thankfully cleared up on Wednesday long enough for Stella and I to beach it up.  Since it was just the two of us, I camped out under the pier so I could put her under it for shade.  It was great because I had her in the shade and me in the sun.  She mostly slept and ate.  We made it about 4 hours that day before having to head out.  I'm teaching her to be a beach bum like her mama!! 

Steve and Lottie made it down on the 4th.  Instead of driving through traffic and rushing to get to the beach on the 3rd, they just got up really early and drove down that morning.  They got to the beach around 9:30 a.m.  Just enough time for me to get Lottie changed into her suit and ready to hit the beach.  She was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!  Lottie loves the beach.  I think more than anything, she associates the beach with my sister who she absolutely loves.  So, anytime we say BEACH, she starts shouting for my sister and begging us to go to Amy's house.  I swear we almost have to spell out BEACH if we are going to discuss it.  If she hears us, she starts going nuts, ready to see her aunt Amy. 

We had a great week!  4 glorious days on the beach with perfect weather!! 

She loves her aunt Amy!!!

Throwing shells and catching fish!!

As the days go on, she progressively gets more tired earlier and earlier in the day!  She still naps every day so beach or no beach, she needs her sleep!!  :)

Our set up at Amy's house when the other spare bedroom is taken.  Uncle Anthony's mom and dad and cousin were in town so the four of us all slept in the same room!  Note - Stella decided she was NOT going to sleep in the pack and play - she was going to sleep in her rock and play!  :) 
My sis and I having a kumbaya!!  :) And Scooby!
Annual fly over MB

Kee Kee and the girls!

Greatest invention ever!!  The Graco portable swing.  I bought it a couple of weeks ago at Kids to Kids consignment shop.  You literally put the car seat into the base of the swing and it vibrates, swings, plays music, etc.  It is wonderful!!

4th of July!!  The girls wore matching outfits - so cute (The Children's Place).  Even though getting the two of them to take a picture together sometimes is not exactly easy!!

Not amused by the thing that's on my head MOM!!!!!!!!!

Cupcake time.....

Lottie and McGoo - they stayed inside while Uncle Anthony shot off fireworks.  Lottie did NOT like the noise at all!  Maybe next year.....

Trying out sissy's glasses

Mommy and Mini Coop #2

Aunt Amy and Stella

Kid loves to snack!! 


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