Monday, June 17, 2013

Stella's First Beach Trip

Two weekends ago we loaded up the car and headed to the beach.  Well, I loaded the car and headed to the beach with the kiddos.  Steve had to work until 6 p.m. and I felt it would be easier for me and the girls to head down around lunchtime when Lottie was due for her nap. 

We recently purchased a portable DVD player for Lottie to have on long trips to the beach this summer.  Lottie had always been really good for the most part on trips to the beach, so I never felt the need to purchase one before now.  With Stella thrown in the mix, I thought it best to keep Lottie entertained as much as possible on our three hour journey. 

We did okay for the most part.  I only had to pull over twice.  Once was to fix Lottie's movie b/c she accidentally paused it.  The second time was to spank her!!!!!!!  That little bugger took her seat belt off about an hour into our trip.  I couldn't believe it.  She said something and I turned around and she had taken her belt off.  I could have killed her (not really, but you get my drift).  I definitely felt like my dad a little in the sense that my sister and I were threatened numerous times on road trips as kids if we were misbehaving.  He always said he was going to pull the car over and give us a good spank. And many times it happened.  It didn't matter if it was the shoulder of I-95 or a back country road.  Thankfully in my case, there was a gas station that I was able to whip it into.  I gave her a pop, put her belt back on and told her if it happened again, there would be MAJOR consequences once we got to the beach.  She got the drift and ten minutes later was out like a light for her nap.  I really hate to pop her, but I'm old school and time out in the car doesn't exactly work. 

I ended up making the trek and getting to my sister's house just in time for Stella's next feeding and Lottie waking up from her nap. 

Steve took off the Monday and Tuesday of the following week so we had two really nice days out on the beach.  Unfortunately, it poured rain on the Monday, so we weren't able to take the girls to the beach.  We finished up going to the arcade at the pier and having lunch, then heading back to my sister's house to relax. 

Stella did great on the beach.  We pitched the canopy and also had the Pop n Play tent.  It is perfect for the beach, a great spot for her to nap, change diapers, etc.  It is a must if you are beach bums like we are or if you visit the beach more than once a year. 

Here's a few pics of our little trip!  Lottie absolutely loves the beach.  She loves collecting shells, building sand castles and splashing around in the water.  She also absolutely adores my sister.  Her face lights up as soon as she sees her and won't let her out of her sight until we absolutely must.

You seriously can't go wrong with the Graco Pop n Play tent at the beach!

Lottie is at the best age yet!  She is talking away like crazy and has such spunk! 

She's also been very "posey" lately and whenever you take a photo of her, she always insists on you taking more and showing her what they look like.  Cracks me up!

Uncle Anthony & Lottie

Stella and I hanging under the canopy watching sissy play with Aunt Amy.  I swear my sister is like my third child so as you can imagine, her and Lottie get on really well!  :)

Lottie was so worn out in the afternoon!  She snacked on some chex mix and next thing you know, she was out like a light!

Dad and Stella

My sis and her nieces.  She's got the magic touch!

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