Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weekly Picnics

Who would have ever thought that I could be enjoying weekly picnics with my minis each week?  While I do miss my career and the adult brain stimulation that came along with it, I have to say that I've found so much happiness in enjoying the days in and days out spent with my girls.  Sometimes you just don't realize how quick the time goes and how you will never get that time back. 

I plan on soaking up every minute until my next career move! 

With that said, England has some lovely parks and places to take the kids.  While you can't always count on the weather here, one thing you can count on is that if it is sunny, everyone is outdoors!!!!!  :)

Loughborough park is the perfect spot for a picnic.  They have lots of green grass, a playground, a bird museum, an ice cream man, etc.  On that particular day, there were loads of Christian youth groups around providing free face painting and balloon animals.  It couldn't have worked out better!

Here's a few pics from our day out! 

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