Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Little Explorers

One of the many wonderful things about living in England is all of the gorgeous parks and walking trails they have.  If I haven't mentioned it before, walking is somewhat of a past time for the English. 

I have never seen so many parks before in my life.  I suppose it's because all of the towns, villages and cities are so close to one another.  With that said, we ventured over to a park I've not been to before.  It was a beautiful country park in Leicester called Watermead Country Park.  It's a nature lover's paradise.  It had a lake, wetlands, flowers, bike trails and a life sized sculpture of a mammoth inspired by the mammoth, bison and deer bones found in the gravel workings years ago. 

Stella was a bit bummed that it was just a nature park and not an actual park with swings and slides, but she soon turned around when she saw the ice cream man in the parking lot before we left. 

Here's a few pics of a typical day out in England with my little family.  I love them whole heartily and am so very proud of my two best girls and so thankful I get to see this big world of ours with my best friend Steve. 


Teaching Dad how to make a flower crown!

Stella destroyed her crown after all of Dad's hard work!  :(

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