Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hanging WIth My Mini Coop!

Who would have ever thought that I'd be spending my days running the kids back and forth to school, working out like I've never been able to have the time for before, running to and from swimming lessons, Rainbows (girl scouts) and spending so much quality time with the kids???????? 

Not me, that's for sure.  I've always considered myself to be a career girl and retiring one day after years upon years spent in the legal profession.  While that still may very well be what my future holds, I will say that the months and pure quality time spent with the kids is something I will forever hold near and dear to my heart because at the end of the day, these kids are my life and everything Steve and I do is for THEM! 

With that said, this post is dedicated to my little mini Stella!  Stella surely is one of a kind!  Anyone who has ever met her always says the same, "She's been here before!"  She is so smart beyond her years and will always leave you in stitches!  She is clever, hilarious, most definitely mischievous and is constantly offending people!  I swear you can't take the girl anywhere! 

Here are a few examples.................

While walking through a parking lot after one of my mud races Stella yells, "HELLO" to a nice man.  He smiles and says, "HELLO" back.  She then proceeds to yell, "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to your DOG!"

While at a soft play (bouncy house/jungle gym place) Stella proceeded to ask a woman who to be honest wasn't exactly very womanly whether or not she was a boy.  When the woman told her that no, she was in fact a lady, Stella adamantly declared that NO, she was definitely a boy! 

While at the park, a little boy ran over to play with Stella.  After repeatedly telling him that she did not want to play with him and that she didn't like boys, he continued to try to play with her.  Fed up, Stella yelled at the top of her lungs, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS KID?  I TOLD HIM I DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!"  Yep, everyone at the park heard that!

Finally, we were at another soft play facility when a little boy with long, beautiful, blonde curly hair wanted to play with her.  She ran over to both his mom and I saying that she did NOT want to play with that little girl.  I explained that he was in fact a boy and she proceeded to argue with his mom that NO, she was a girl.  Literally went on a rant about how boys don't have long hair and that was most definitely a girl. 

Talk about embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is a constant people offender and while as horrifying as it is at the time, I can't help but be tickled by it.  The girl may very well be an actress or comedian one day!  Whatever she may be, she will always be my little star!!!!

Here are a few pics of our days out playing and picnicking in the park!  Man, I love this kid!

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