Friday, December 4, 2015

A Week of Fruits / Vegetables in England - ALDI

Ok, so I know back in the states, ALDI has this stigma of being the poor man's grocery store or that the fruits/vegetables aren't very fresh.  Wait - or maybe I placed that stigma on ALDI.  Either or, it couldn't be further from the truth here in England.  ALDI is strangely very popular over here.  At first, I was strictly a Morrison's girl (local large grocery store - similar to HT), but after a trip to ALDI, I was pleasantly surprised with the freshness of everything and not to mention the price of everything.  OMG - we must have saved at least 30 pounds if not more that first trip. 

What you are looking at here is just the fruits / veggies we bought.  I think we calculated the total cost around $23.00.  $23.00 will get you all of the food above: we are talking: bananas, 3 peppers, 3 heads of broccoli, a case of mushrooms, a large bag of spinach, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, 6 kiwi, plums, Brussel sprouts, grapes, onions and 5 large stuffed size mushrooms.  

Another fun fact is that most of these items are imported from Holland, France, Chile, Ireland, etc.  I just can't understand how all of these imported items are so cheap when oranges / other fruits from California are soooooooooooooooo expensive and they are domestic back home! 
While I terribly miss certain foods, I am quite pleased with how fresh you can feed your family over here for so cheap.  Steve and I can literally feed our entire family for a week on $50.00 a week (not including booze).  How crazy is that? 
Just thought I would share a little tidbit into our grocery shopping each week.  I am pretty much eating the same healthy foods as I was back home, but at such a discount!!!
While the English love to indulge, especially when it comes to chocolate, pints, fish & chips, pies, etc., they also know how to get their veggie on!!!!  

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