Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Carter Turns ONE!

I swear, whoever said time flies when you have children wasn't kidding!  It is hard enough for me to wrap my head around my own children growing so fast, but even harder to believe my nephew just turned ONE!  It seems like just yesterday when my sister called me out of the blue at work telling me she just had her baby.  I was disappointed she had him so fast because I so desperately wanted to be in the room with her, but so thankful that she was okay and our little Carter was a healthy little babe!

That first year............ it is something we as parents never forget!  Whether they spent it laughing, crying (Stella), smiling, growing, etc., nothing in the world beats watching them grow that first year.

Carter has been an awesome baby!  He rarely cries and just stays in chill mode all the time.  I couldn't love this little guy anymore than I already do.

For his birthday, my sister and brother in law went all out and rented an inflatable water slide for their back yard.  Lottie's eyes were the size of saucers when she saw it.  She couldn't wait to dive right in.

We had a blast at Carter's first birthday party.  Thankfully Lottie's 2nd birthday party decor was recycled!  At last!  I just loved that party so much.  If you missed it, here is the link:Lottie's 2nd Birthday Party

Excuse the excessive amounts of photos!  You only turn ONE once!

Lottie, Ari & Stella

Bella, Lottie and Stella got into the water balloons well before the party even started.


Anthony and the birthday boy

Cousins - Carter & Victoria

3 little babes in the pool

Carter's 1st birthday cake

Amy's mother in law made stuffed banana peppers!  YUMMY!

Lottie & Anna

Carter loves Uncle Steve!

This one never stops DRINKING!!!!!

Lottie throwing herself backwards into the pool!  She has become quite the water girl this year!


Love this kid!

Kee Kee & Carter

My girls!


Unfortunately Carter had an ear infection the day of his party!  He didn't think too much of his cake!


It had to be done - a little cake smash in his face!

At the end of the party, Steve and my sister decided to make their way down the slide!  Too funny!  Steve was "sore" the next day!  :)

What a great party!  I can't wait to watch this little guy grow this next year!  

Happy Birthday Carter!  We love you so much!

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