Monday, August 10, 2015

Our First Adult Vacation - Saint Maarten Style

Saint Maarten - One Word.......... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Steve and I were fortunate enough to travel to this gorgeous island in June sans kids.  It was our first ADULT vacation without the kiddos in tow.  We stayed in a beautiful private house upon the mountain top overlooking the sea and harbor.  There are no words to describe how spectacular the view was.  It literally felt like we were spending the week living like celebs do. 

It's hard to pick which day we enjoyed most, so I'll let the photos do the talking!

As you can see, most of our time was spent laying by the pool, straight relaxing!  It was the first time I've been able to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine in a very long time.  Ahhhhhhhh...........

The Crew....
Butch & Bev, Ron, Jeanette, Ashley & myself

Every day usually started with a delicious breakfast, followed by a delicious dinner.  Each of us took on dinner each night.  We had some really wonderful food.  We spent most nights eating in.  


Phillipsburg is known as the jewelry / watch capital of the world.  If you know Steve, then you will know he has a slight obsession with watches.  He has quite the collection.  I should have known he wouldn't be able to walk away from this place without buying something.  He ended up buying a Hamilton and because he likes watches so much, I ended up getting a sweet white limited edition Citizen.  Gorgeous!  SCORE!  

The best part about shopping in Phillipsburg is that every jewelry store you walked in, they practically threw champagne or beer in your face.  We were never empty handed!  It was great!  

Steve was feeling especially generous (or loosy goosy from the booze) and bought me this little trio of rings.
Love the NO sales tax in Saint Maarten!

Lunch in Phillipsburg

BFFs for life!

Game Night - We played Cards Against Humanity!  So much fun! 
Ron made some great steak with the best potatoes/peppers/onions I have every had!  Delicious!


One night we went to the Harbor to visit a few bars.  Unfortunately, Steve missed out.  Too many cocktails for the big guy throughout the day.  We left him passed out by the pool.  I think he must have woke up a couple of hours later and made his way to bed.

Dingy Docks - Ski Shot

Iguana Bar

MAHO Beach!!!!!!!!!
By far, the coolest place I've ever been.  When you fly into Saint Maarten, there is no room for error!  The runway is literally on top of the beach.  It is one of the shortest runways in the world.    

We ate lunch at Sunset Bar & Grille that sits right off the beach / runway. 

Maho Beach is also known for people getting blasted by the bigger airplane's jets when taking off.  People literally stand and hold on to the fence waiting to get blasted by engines.   

As the planes prepare for take off, the pilots wave to the idiots they are getting ready to blast straight into the ocean.  You could tell they got a major kick out of it, especially pilots of the bigger planes.

Butch couldn't understand why anyone in their right minds would want to get blown into the sea.


Postcard Photos

Steve braving those fierce jet engines..............
Those engines are HOT!!!! 
Holy sandstorm!  The sand really kicks up when they take off.  You better make sure you secure your belongings before one of the bigger planes take off or all of your stuff will end up floating in the sea.

Clothes, shoes, wallets, hats, etc. floating in the ocean.

At the end of the day, we ventured over to the French side and visited Anse Marsel Beach.  It was gorgeous!  So peaceful.  There were no waves, just a beautiful post card like beach.  We sipped Rose in the water and soaked in the beautiful scenery.  

Our house for the week

Ashley & Jeanette's homemade lasagna

That about sums up our trip to beautiful Saint Maarten.  If ever you get the opportunity to visit this island, do it!!!!  I couldn't think of a better vacation to have had with my best friends and second family before our big move.  Thanks to Butch and Beverly for inviting us to stay for the week!  We love you guys! 
BTW - My hair rejected the weather in Saint Maarten, hence the reason I had to wear a hat every single day!  I couldn't do anything with it other than braid it and put a hat on!  :)

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