Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lottie & Stella's Fall Festival

The girls had their annual fall festival at their "school" a couple of weeks ago.  They were pumped up to play games and get treats from all their teachers.  Lottie even won herself some cupcakes during the cake walk.

It was also the first time the girls got to put their costumes on.  I swear I don't think I've ever seen a cuter Minnie Mouse before.  Stella really fought me on the ears, but after bribing her with a sucker, she soon changed her tune! 

Stella has never really experienced "candy" before.  I think she absolutely lost her mind with excitement.  I finally had to hide the plastic pumpkin filled with candy last night.  When she sees it, she literally starts trying to climb the cabinets / chairs, whatever is in her way to get to it. 

Lottie originally wanted to be Elsa from Frozen, but in the end changed her mind and decided to be Anna.  Her wig cracked me up! 

Of course Stella got Lottie's hand me down costume from last year.  Poor kid!  Everything Stella wears is hand me downs. 

Stella's Favorite Teacher - Ms. Sharon

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