Friday, October 10, 2014

Cleveland County Fair

Boy oh boy!  Where do I even start?  First - does anyone even know where Cleveland County is?  I thought it was right outside of Gastonia, in other words about a 40 minute or so drive from our house.  NOPE - it was more like an hour and 20 minutes.  It seemed like it took us ages to get there. 

Steve is not really one for fairs, amusement parks, rides, etc.  So, you can only imagine the moans and groans coming from him on our way there.  Me on the other hand - I love them.  It just brings back so many childhood memories and memories of high school when we'd pile into the car and hit the Union County fair with friends. 

This particular fair was shall I say, REDNECK. It reminded me a little bit of the time we visited The Redneck Zoo.  Remember that?  Ha, Steve and I still laugh about that place! 

It of course had your typical ferris wheel, rides, games, freak shows, petting zoo, funnel cakes, ice cream and a mini Mexican circus (yep, you read that right). 

The girls absolutely loved it!  Lottie and I rode a few rides and Stella ran wild and free.  I spent a good part of our day chasing her down.  All in all though, a great day out! The weather was perfect!

Here's a look back at our trip to the fair.......................

Lottie's shirt was filthy within 15 minutes of being there. We bought her a hot dog for lunch and within a second of handing it to her and turning our backs, she dropped that hot dog!!!!!!!! OHHHHHH!  It's a good thing they were only a $1.00!  Kids!!!!! 


The "Mexican" circus was quite the entertainment! 
I spy a mullet - can you spot it?  :)

Steve bought a bucket of rings thinking he could ring one of those bottles!  So difficult! 
Good try babe! 

We tried our best to win Lottie a goldfish!  FAIL!!!!!!!!!!  After spending $4 or $5 trying to get the ping pong ball in the bowl, Steve gave up!  He told her that he would just take her to Wal-Mart and buy her 5 goldfish for $5.

"Come on Dad, I really, really want a fish!"
Lottie and I riding the Mini Teacups

Lottie looks like such a big girl riding the kiddy scrambler.  She loved it!

Stella loves ice cream! 

Stella's first ride on a carousel.  What a cutie! 

This Saturday Waxhaw is having their annual Autumn Treasures Festival!  Unfortunately, Steve has to work so it looks like the girls and I will be tackling yet another festival!  I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday with my girls! 

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