Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday Photos

Steve hates me!!! 

I wonder how many of my posts have started with either "Steve hates me" or "Poor Steve".  Ha!!!

I ordered two groupons for JCP photos.  It was $25 bucks and you get two portrait sheets along with 3 photos on a CD for you to keep and do what you wish.  Each and every time we have visited since Lottie turned about a year old have been a disaster.  No one ever seems to want to cooperate when it comes to taking photographs.  Steve hates being photographed and sits grumbling about it and as soon as we step into their itty bitty studio, Lottie loses her mind and starts throwing fits!  The only person who seemed to cooperate this time around was Stella. 

Once it's over and the poor photographers are tortured to death, we usually all end up leaving unhappy and Lottie gets sent to time out as soon as we get home. 

But, I continue to put our family through it!  WHY?????????????  I know these babies aren't going to be babies forever and well, one day (a really long time from now), I know I will cherish these photos and love looking back at them when they are older.  Steve however will surely remind me of how awful the experiences were and how I loved to ruin his Saturday or Sunday when he could have been sat watching "football"!

Oh and excuse all the bun pics - that's all I've got time for these days!!!  :)

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