Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daddy & Daughter = A Big Time Out

I've never met a man who is more devoted to his own family than my own father.  Gosh how I miss the days of hanging with my dad.  I'd give just about anything for ONE more day.

Steve is so in love with his girls.  While Stella is still a bit young to really "go and do", when the man has a day off or any spare time, it is always spent spoiling Lottie and taking her on little adventures.

Steve had Columbus day off work so he took Stella to daycare and spent the day hanging with Lottie.  I had to work, but got multiple texts and a sweet little visit from the two of them.  Lottie as well as every other two year old alive loves "choo choos".  With that said, Steve decided that he and Lottie would take a little adventure to town on the Linx light rail train.  To say she loved it would be an understatement.  They drove to Pineville, parked the car, then headed to town.  Over the moon I tell you.

Steve of course dressed Lottie in her "best" clothes.  By the time they visited my office she was in a JERSEY and white windbreaker pants!  WTH???????????  I know I've talked about Steve and his dang jerseys before = the man is OOC!!!!!!!  Granted Lottie can pull off just about anything you put on her, but lets reserve the jerseys for game day Coop!  This kid has no chance when it comes to jerseys!  Her closet is bound to be full of them.  She's already got three of them.  Lord help me!!!!!! Put the jerseys away!!!!!!!!!

Back on track.............  the girl had a blast.  Between riding the choo choo and walking around town with her daddy, they both had huge smiles on their face when I walked through the door that evening.  Lottie couldn't wait to tell me all about her big adventure and show me what her daddy bought her at the Panther's team store.  I swear the man spoils his babies!

Here's a look back at their little adventure through Steve's eyes and texts.............................

On the way to town on the choo choo

Panther Stadium

Shopping bag in tow
mmmmmmmm....what shall I have for lunch?

I'm with dad!!!  I can order whatever I want!!!


Waiting to catch the train back to Pineville

Passed out!!!  The day wore her out!  She couldn't even make it back to the car!

Officially passed out, bag still in tow!  Never try to take a girl's shopping bags!
Love these two!!!!!!!!!  Steve is a great dad!!!  He truly loves his girls!

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