Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lowe's Build & Grow

A couple of months ago Steve learned that Lowe's does a Build & Grow workshop for kids on Saturday mornings.  It's FREE!!!  When was the last time something you were able to take your kids to do was FREE?  It was probably when we were kids. 

Steve normally takes Lottie to all the Build & Grow workshops that are available.  It's Daddy and Lottie time!  However, this one particular Saturday, Steve had to work.  Steve had already signed Lottie up and I didn't want her to miss out because she loves using a hammer and pretending to build things. 

The past two workshops that he took her to were related to the PLANES movie that came out.  So, of course, they built cute little planes.

The workshop I took her to was building a fire truck.  The weather was gorgeous, so they held it outside.  Let's just say it wasn't EASY!  Ha!  I think for the most part I'm pretty handy and am able to follow instructions.  It started okay - well I thought it did anyway.  I should have hammered in two long nails from the get go in the top of the fire truck but instead hammered in two short nails.  Well, when I needed the short nails at the end, they were no where to be found.  HELLO!  I already used them in the beginning!  To wrap it up, our fire truck looked okay in the beginning until we got to the wheels.  I hammered a nail/screw so hard into one of the wheels, half of it went flying off!  Lottie was like - "Mommy!!!!"  I told her to grab it, that we would just tape it on when we got home.

In any event, there is a reason Steve usually handles these types of things.................he is really great at being handy!  The guy builds everything!  My dad would be proud!

Here's a quick look at our little adventure to Lowe's!  Stella had a great time!  She chilled in her stroller soaking in the glorious weather we had that morning!

Oh and after completing each workshop, the kids get certificates of completion along with a badge/patch to iron on the apron they give you after your first workshop.  So cute!  Lottie has three badges now.

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