Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stella's 3rd Birthday Party!

My baby (my last baby) turned 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is so hard to wrap my head around it!  Most days she acts like she is 3 going on 13!

I can't quite put into words what the last year has meant to me being able to spend all of this time with my baby.  Sure, most days, we want to strangle one another and if I have to clean up one more "accident", I might just lose it!  Having said that, all of the extra cuddles, kisses and pure fun we have with one another is something I will always remember! 

We celebrated Stella's 3rd birthday with a small party at our house.  We invited a few close friends and their kiddos to come by and help us celebrate! 

As you will see from the photos, I ended up reusing some of Lottie's 3rd birthday party decor.  Yes, before you say it, it somehow got put in that 40 foot shipping container we shipped from the states to England.  HA!  Steve about fell over when I busted these old party decorations from the garage.  We had a good chuckle about all the "crap" we brought over! 

Our friend let us have their "small" bouncy castle that their daughter used for years.  She is 10 now so can no longer use it.  It worked perfect in our small garden and we are so grateful they let us have it. 

Here's a quick look at Stella's birthday party...............

For food, we served little tea sandwiches (ham, cheese and tuna/cucumber), fruit, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, crisps, meat/cheese and mini cakes

Evie, Santino & Matthew

My mate Monica and her daughter Sophia

Lily, Charlotte, Stella, Owen & Lily

We bought a piñata for a little backyard fun.  These kids hacked and hacked at the piñata with little to no luck for a long time which made us parents laugh!  

Steve, Rachel, Gracie & Evie

Fit for a princess cake!

How cute is Stella's smile listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday to her??????

My hair looks a mess - it was down, but it was so warm out, I had to throw it up!  We really lucked out with the weather that day, being as you NEVER know what you are going to get here in England!

Stella made everyone laugh when she dove head first into her cake.  HA!!!!
I showed her a video of her at her 1st birthday party when she dove right in not too long ago and my guess is she thought it was totally normal and what you do after you blow out your candles.  

A big thank you to all our friends who came by to help celebrate our little one!  What a fun day! 

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