Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's a MIRACLE! Stella WALKS!

It is a MIRACLE!  I honestly never thought I would see the day when Stella walked!  With that said, I figured I needed to capture her scooting in what would soon be the very last time.  She has NEVER traditionally crawled - always been a scooter / leg dragger.  The video above is for Stella!  When she gets older, I can't wait to show her how she got around for months! 

P.S. Stella hates when I capture video of her!  I think it must be something with the light on the could just be that Stella is still crying!!!!  Lord have mercy!

Flash forward - Stella is walking!

Last weekend Steve and I heard a loud clacking noise walking through the house.  When we turned to see what it was, Stella was walking with one of Lottie's dress up shoes on one foot.  How she managed to do that is beyond me.  I guess she's just showing off now!

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