Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stella - Meet The Thinking Chair!

This past weekend Miss Stella managed to get herself sent to the "thinking chair" AKA "time out" for the very first time.

Although she is not fully walking yet, she still manages to get herself into some hairy situations.

A few examples:

 - Stella constantly sneaks off to the bathroom (her favorite room in the house) and tries to play in the toilet.  I have to remind myself daily to make sure the lid is closed.  Last weekend I busted her splashing toilet water all over herself and the floor! 

- Lottie has one of those small tables from IKEA with 1 chair and 3 stools.  Stella is obsessed with the set and is constantly trying to climb from the floor to the chair to the table.  This past week I caught her sitting / trying to stand on the table. 

 - Stella is a food thief!  Poor Lottie can never eat a meal without her sister stealing food off her plate!  She steals any and everything including her milk.  This is after Stella has already eaten her own breakfast or dinner.  Stella would eat 24 hours a day if you let her.  She loves FOOD!  Yesterday, I heard a semi-loud thump and turned around to see Stella running off with Lottie's piece of corn on the cob.  She literally stole it off her plate, threw it on the floor, then ran off munching on it!

 - Stella has started screaming, "MINE" when it comes to anything she sees Lottie playing with.  At times, I just think it would be easier to make Lottie give Stella what she wants so she will stop screaming, but I don't.  Stella is getting at that age (14 months) where she is starting to test us.  You can see it in her eyes!  When you ask her to come here, she usually smiles and starts scooting in the other direction, almost like she's playing a game.

With that said, the combination of said examples above made me realize that Stella is definitely trying to see what she can and can't get away with.  So......... Stella meet the "thinking chair".  She didn't think too much of the chair and I'm not sure how much thinking about what she did was done, but I think she got the gist that this mama has caught on to her and is not messing around anymore!

This chair is likely going to become one that is attached to Stella's bum more and more frequently.  But hey, it has worked wonders for Lottie.  I think referring to it as the "thinking chair" makes it seem less like time out and more about the thinking behind the reason you were sent there. 
Lottie definitely gives me a full blown explanation of why she's in the chair and lots of, "I'm Sorry" and "Yes, Ma'am" after her time in the chair. 
Steve and I can't help but giggle sometimes!
Girls!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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