Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Carolina Panthers - Division Playoffs

Boy do we love our Panthers.  It is a shame we weren't able to finish off the 49ers to head to the NFC Championship game.  Oh well - there is always next year.  We are still a pretty new team so this time next year, I am hoping and praying we pull it together and make the playoffs again.  The energy around the city was electrifying come game time.  It was the best we have witnessed when it comes to these Carolina fans.

Since we have season tickets, we were very fortunate not to have to fight to get a playoff game ticket.  And being since Lottie absolutely adores the Panthers, it only seemed fitting for her to go to the game.  She is a tried and true little Panther fan.  She has been marching up that ramp to the upper deck for the past three years whether it be in a carrier, being held or walking up on her own.  She is always quite the little trooper when it comes to going to the games! 

And to hear her run around the stadium screaming, "GO PANTHERS!" is absolutely adorable!

Her only request usually is making sure she gets a popcorn and a program.  She loves throwing back popcorn and reading through the program.  The highlights of the program are normally the Panther mascot and the cheerleaders who she loves. 

Here's a look back and mine and Lottie's day out at the game - we had such a blast!

Lottie's first Panther face paint.

Flo Rida performed at half time

Tailgating in the cold, eating a sandwich

And Finally..............
Lottie jamming out during half time!
Gosh, I love this kid! 

I can't believe football season is over!!!!!!!!  And can we talk about that Super Bowl...........Awful! 
Bring on August - I have a feeling Lottie will be fighting tooth and nail to go to every home game. 

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