Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stella - No More Monkeys!

Stella has become quite the little character!  This past weekend, I got the opportunity to spend a little one on one time with her while Steve and Lottie ran a few errands.  We read lots of books, jumped on the couch (her new favorite activity), ate snacks, played bouncy ball, etc.

Stella is usually pretty shy when it comes to taking photographs or video so it is extremely rare that I'm able to get her on camera for more than 15 seconds.

This past weekend, I caught just a little snip it of her jumping on the couch.  I definitely don't condone jumping on the couch, but she was just being so darn cute!

It is hard to believe this little monster is going to be TWO in May.  She is such a smart little cookie!  She copies everything Lottie says and quite often tells Lottie, "No Ma'am!!!" and "Lottie - you have a bad attitude!"  I swear she cracks me up!!!!    She is quite the little comic!

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